Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What makes Seeing and Believing different from other eye clinics?

A:  Seeing and Believing is completely mobile, so we can go to where the help is needed.  The people in need don’t have to come to us.  Since our focus is local and personal, we don’t have the “red tape” that some of the larger organizations have.

Q: How are people selected to receive free eye exams and eyeglasses?

A: We work closely with the program director of local ministries, organizations, and programs with which we partner to provide eye care clinics. The program director selects which of their residents/participants are in most need of eye care services. Our services are geared toward individuals without easy access to care and limited resources.

Q: Do you provide contact lenses as well as eyeglasses?

A: Providing exams and fulfilling prescriptions for contact lenses are different than those for eyeglasses. At this time, our clinics provide an eyeglass prescription. The recipient of care receives one free pair of prescription eyeglasses and the written prescription for their records.

Q: Where does my donation go?

A:  Donations to Seeing and Believing can be designated by the donor to any of three funds:

General Fund: All administration and service-related activities are performed by volunteers, thus 100% of your General Fund donation goes to cover operating costs and eye care related supplies.

Equipment Fund: In order to expand the number of clinics we can perform, we need additional mobile eye care equipment. Donations to the Equipment Fund will be used to help us gain access to these items.

Fellowship Fund: During some of our clinics, we provide food and drink to residents at the organizations where we are serving. A donation to the Fellowship Fund will help us provide this community service event during our clinics.

Q: How can I have Seeing and Believing sponsor an event for my organization?

A: Contact us via our website to provide us with more information about your organization and its needs. An event coordinator volunteer will be in touch to discuss your situation in greater detail.

Q: What is a life group?

A:  A life group is group of individuals who study the Bible together, serve together, and grow closer to God together.