Serving the Local Community with the Gift of Sight

More than 40 million low-income families in the United States cannot afford the cost of routine eye care.  Even those that qualify for assistance struggle to find the means necessary to gain access to care due to basic hurdles such as difficulties in applying for financial aid, transportation to eye care locations, timing conflicts with work, etc.

Seeing and Believing aims to overcome this obstacle by taking the eye care directly to the individual. Seeing and Believing is a non-profit organization that provides prescription eyeglasses to low-income families and individuals.  Many of those we aim to serve have never had prescription eye glasses.  Some of them have never even had an eye exam!!

Eye Care Clinics


See how we’re making an impact in people’s lives by partnering with local ministries and programs to provide eye care clinics.

Clinic Partnerships

Community Events


Learn more and support our fundraising efforts by attending a fun and informative event with friends and family in your local community.

Community Events

Financial Giving

Eyeglasses Focused

You can give the gift of sight. Learn how your financial support will help provide better vision for men, women, and children in need.

Financial Giving

378 Eye Exams Provided to Individuals in Need!!