Recent Eye Care Clinics

October 2015 – Thomasboro Academy

Another great day serving the Lord. With thanks to Hoskins Park Ministry, we hosted our second event with Thomasboro Academy on October 24, 2015. We helped 18 people gain access to eye glasses, including 15 children. And, we welcomed a new volunteer optometrist, Dr. Kimberly Douglas, to our team. She was instrumental in helping us keep the clinic running smoothly. With Halloween right around the corner, kids enthusiastically decorated small pumpkins to pass the time in between their eye exams. Their creations were simply amazing.

When it came to selecting frames, one young girl spotted a pair of Barbie frames and she was hooked. No doubt she will be all the talk at school when she gets to show her friends what God did for her through Seeing and Believing.

August 2015 – Hope Haven

After our latest event at Hope Haven on August 9, 2015, we have now helped more than 150 people receive a much needed eye exam!

It has truly been a blessing for our team of optometrists and volunteers to partner with such wonderful ministries and we look forward to serving many more in the future!

July 2015 – Hoskins Park

Expressions of sheer gratitude were all over the faces of the residents of Hoskins Park Ministries on July 19th. We helped another 11 individuals gain access to prescription eyeglasses after a comprehensive eye exam. We treated a couple of residents with severe eye problems who also had to be referred out to a specialist for additional treatment. It was heartbreaking to watch one of the exams as a resident struggled simply to see the number of fingers the optometrist was holding up just 3 feet away. Unfortunately, we aren’t sure how much his sight can be improved. This disability is something he has been struggling with for years, but now he has a path to hopefully improve his situation. Unimpaired sight is a blessing most of us take for granted, so helping as many people as possible share in this gift is a treat for all of the volunteers and supporters of Seeing and Believing.

May 2015 – Thomasboro Academy

Seeing and Believing just reached another milestone by serving our first Mecklenburg County school. On May 31st, 2015, we were privileged to provide 12 kids with eye exams and 11 kids with eyeglasses. A special thanks goes to nurse Ashley Capel who helped us coordinate the event with Thomasboro Academy. The smiles on the kids’ faces were priceless.

While the children were patiently awaiting their turn for an exam, our volunteers helped organize craft projects and other games to pass the time. One student left her mark on the event by creating a work of art with sidewalk chalk, welcoming students and parents to the event. Another girl was so excited to see more and more kids show up, shocked to see some of her classmates on a weekend. We also welcomed another volunteer optometrist, Steven Cress, OD, to our team of doctors helping us make these events possible.

May 2015 – Hope Haven

Its official, we have now helped more than 100 people receive an eye exam and eyeglasses! The eye care clinic on May 17, 2015 at Hope Haven, which provided 16 more individuals with free eyeglasses, pushed us over the century mark. Once again, the response from the residents was heartwarming. As we inquired with many of them when they had received their last eye exam, it was more common to see a blank stare than to hear someone actually remember the last time they went to see an eye doctor.

The glasses selection process was especially fun this time. Patients were so appreciative of having such a large selection of free eyeglasses from which to choose. It took one resident nearly an hour to pick out her pair of glasses. She asked for everyone’s opinion on the decision. She pointed out she was going to have to look at herself in the mirror every day, so this was a big decision! We couldn’t agree more and were more than happy to help. Another resident took less than 60 seconds. She spotted a pair with ivory-looking frames and didn’t need to look any further – she looked like a movie star! While onsite, we also served lunch to Hope Haven’s residents. Special thanks to Boardwalk Billy’s for donating the delicious barbecue, slaw, and baked beans.

April 2015 – Hoskins Park

Despite the relentless rain showers throughout the day, we completed another successful event at Hoskins Park Ministries on April 19th. Before we began serving, we were treated to a moving and inspirational sermon from Pastor Johnny Allen. Johnny was a major inspirational force behind the creation of Seeing and Believing. It was all we needed to help motivate us to provide another dozen individuals in the Charlotte community with free eye exams and eyeglasses.

The appreciation expressed by everyone was exhilarating. A couple of those served talked at length about how their last eye exam was in prison. They were blown away by the custom frames they were able to choose from. We even had some bartering take place all in good fun after one patient helped another patient pick out a pair – when he couldn’t find frames he liked better than the one he pointed out to his friend, he did a little “wheeling and dealing” to get back the pair he wanted for himself. As we were leaving, a Hoskins Park staff member reminded us that we are helping everyone in the ministry see things in a clearer light. And he wasn’t referring to the eyeglasses.

February 2015 – Hope Haven

For our first event of 2015, we were back at Hope Haven on February 22nd. Our team provided 15 more individuals with much-needed access to eye care. We were fortunate to have another optometrist, Dr. Charles “Chuck” Knudson, also onsite performing eye examinations. Dr. Gifford and Dr. Knudson were like two well-oiled machines, working together to provide participants with quick but thorough examinations for the optimal patient experience.

We also served lunch to all of Hope Haven’s residents, including Andrew Gann’s double secret special recipe of corn maque choux (pronounced “mock shoe” for those who – like most of our team – have never heard of it). Everyone kept coming back for more! We are so thankful for the relationship we’ve developed with Hope Haven. What a great start to the year.

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