Past Eye Care Clinics

December 2014 – Hope Haven

Our sixth and final eye care clinic of 2014 was hosted at Hope Haven on December 7th. Not only did we provide more than a dozen residents with eye exams, but we were also fortunate to provide a surprise appearance by Santa Claus. The clinic served men, women and one teenager, several of whom had never had an eye exam. We had just received a fresh shipment of frames, so the selection of eyeglasses for residents to choose from was the largest yet. Following the clinic, we served a delicious lunch, kindly donated by Boardwalk Billy’s, to all residents and volunteers. The BBQ was fantastic!

After lunch, the kids at the event were overjoyed when Santa and his head elf made a special appearance to provide Christmas gifts. The excitement on the kids’ faces couldn’t be contained, making this one of the most memorable events Seeing and Believing has hosted to date.

November 2014 – Hoskins Park Ministries

We hosted our fifth eye care clinic at Hoskins Park Ministries on November 2, 2014. At this event, we not only helped over a dozen of their residents gain access to much needed eyeglasses, but a couple of children as well. This brought the total number of individuals served to more than 50. At our recent clinic, a number of patients were found to have conditions requiring further evaluation. The doctors assisted in arranging more advanced care for these individuals. These cases likely would have remained untreated, possibly resulting in permanent eye damage. While onsite, we served lunch to several residents of Hoskins Park.

We also had another optometrist, Dr. Ryan Corte, on hand for the second time. Dr. Corte has been an invaluable addition to the work of Seeing and Believing. His presence and expertise have greatly improved the efficiency of our eye care clinics.

September 2014 – Hope Haven

On September 28, 2014, we provided 12 residents of Hope Haven with eye exams and prescription glasses. The event was a huge success and we were warmly welcomed by the participants. We also were privileged to have an additional optometrist on hand to help with the exams and eyeglass selections. While all of our events have been great, this one raised the bar for our young organization. In addition to assisting a dozen residents with eye care, we also served lunch to all of the residents at Hope Haven. This provided us with even more time to fellowship with many of the residents of this wonderful organization. In speaking casually with many of the participants, they were amazed that a service like this even existed, expressing their warmest thanks for the gift that we were providing.

August 2014 – Blessings in the Storm

On August 3, 2014, we were at Blessings in the Storm, a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to helping women in the Charlotte, NC area, particularly those with young children, recover from desperate circumstances, achieve independence and lead moral lives. The ministry places heavy emphasis on “getting inside the problem” — an approach that goes beyond meeting immediate material needs by spiritually building up women and children from the inside out.

We provided complimentary vision exams to seven women and children, as well as to Pastor Johnny Allen, Program Director at Hoskins Park Ministries (location of our inaugural clinic). Everyone in need of prescription eyeglasses picked out their own new frames, which will be distributed after prescriptions are filled.

May 2014 – Hoskins Park Ministries

We hosted our second eye care clinic at Hoskins Park Ministries on May 11, 2014. We provided another ten men with complimentary eye exams and eyeglasses. This clinic was even more efficient than our first/inaugural event at Hoskins Park, taking only three hours to complete.

The men were overwhelmingly appreciative of our efforts, providing all those who volunteered with the highest possible accolades. They jokingly now say that Hoskins Park Ministries offers the best homeless eye care in all of Charlotte.

March 2014 – Inaugural Event at Hoskins Park Ministries

After more than a year of planning, the first ever Seeing and Believing eye care clinic took place on March 15, 2014 at Hoskins Park Ministries, a faith-based ministry in Charlotte that helps homeless men to get back on their feet. We provided ten men with complimentary eye exams and then they selected the frames for their prescription eyeglasses. The entire event took a little over four hours.

Two weeks later, we distributed the glasses to the men after a Sunday church service was presented by the ministry’s head pastor, Johnny Allen.

We look forward to providing future eye care clinics, providing free eye exams and prescription eyeglasses to more men,women, and children in need. Your financial gifts will help provide the resources to provide eye care at future clinics – donate now.